Pasta Factory Rapigrano

THE PASTIFICIO RAPIGRANO was born in 2021 from “Rapicano” family that has been operating in the foreign restaurant sector (UK) for years, managing to build solid foundations over time for the dissemination of the true Made in Italy in a foreign land.
After the success of the restaurant “The Gold of Naples”, in 2020 the family dedicated itself to a new project: the RapiGrano pasta factory.
With passion, love, dedication and research of the raw material, Francesco Rapicano has managed to create a unique product, rich in history and quality, thanks also to the collaboration of an award-winning pasta factory in Gragnano, as regards only the production.
The Rapigrano company offers an excellent type of pasta, thanks to Francesco’s exclusive recipe; of the selection of 100% Italian quality durum wheat, mixed with the water of the Lattari Mountains which, being less calcareous, does not change the structure of the semolina; dies entirely in Bronze that release that impeccable roughness; the right times for a perfect drying that allows an excellent cooking resistance and the IGP certificate conferred by the Ministry of Agriculture.

“To date I can say that RapiGrano pasta is the result of passion, research and the careful choice of raw materials, constant work and study to achieve excellence.
Rapigrano pasta is a unique, artisanal product, as well as selected.
Every step of the food chain takes care of our product with dedication and professionalism, so that it can satisfy the most demanding customer and the restaurateur who wants to serve history and quality in a single dish. “

Bronze Die

The pasta is so coarse and porous because the Dies that work the Gragnano Pasta are all made in Bronze, making the surface finish better, which is rough and whitish. In addition to better assimilate the sauce, it gives the pasta greater porosity and facilitates the absorption of water during the cooking.

Slow drying low temperature

Depending on the format, Gragnano Pasta is dried at a temperature between 40 and 75 degrees, for a time ranging from 27 to 40 hours in static cells, unlike the drying of common pasta which lasts 4-7 hours at 75*.

100% Italian Durum Wheat

It is the symbol of quality pasta for a very simple reason: the protein richness of durum wheat is higher than the soft wheat one. From a percentage of proteins higher than 13% derives a high gluten index and the relative “al dente” texture during cooking.

Is not pasta

It is Pasta from Gragnano!

Why choosing Gragnano..?

The relationship between white art and the Gragnano area has lasted for at least 500 years; the town has been recognized as the capital of pasta since the mid-1800s.
Today the Gragnano I.G.P. represents a flagship of Italian products exported around the world and that is why our company is always attentive to the final result and customer satisfaction


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