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Authenticity, quality and taste

Pasta produced exclusively with 100% Italian Durum Wheat

Pasta Rapigrano is produced in Gragnano with a process that begins with the selection of the best wheat varieties and ends with the marketing of the pasta

We enhance the territory and the work of Italian farmers throughout the entire production process of our pasta

Pasta Rapigrano is a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) product and is 100% produced in our factories

The Values ​​on which Rapigrano is founded

TERRITORY – The territory of Gragnano is world famous for the production of durum wheat pasta, since 2013 the denomination “Pasta di Gragnano” has been recognized as a Typical Geographical Indication

THE WHEAT – We produce pasta with fine varieties of Italian durum wheat. Our wheat is of high quality, healthy, tough, it provides a unique flavor of its kind: capable of enclosing the flavor and warmth of an extraordinary land


PROCESSING – Bronze drawing and prolonged drying are among the fundamental ingredients of our manufacturing process. Its special porosity preserves the organoleptic qualities and nutritional properties of the grain. We only use bronze dies to ensure a rougher pasta, capable of holding the sauce better


Rapigrano is produced with water from the source of the Lattari mountains, 100% Italian wheat and lots of love


Some reviews from our customers

A spectacular pasta, I knew that Gragnano pasta was good but you only realize it when you taste it, the level of quality and taste. The dishes I made with this pasta looked even better

Excellent products, I have been buying them for a long time and have always had a great time. I have often given them to friends and relatives as well, as well as being very good they have beautiful packaging, also excellent as a gift

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